ISO build environment

Prerequisites and restrictions

Building the product and creating the ISO disk image

1. Navigate to the platform menu, select the Products menu entry and press the New productbutton:

Show products

Enter the following information into the form:

2. The above parameters will be used as the default parameters for building the product ProductBuildList.

New product

Press the Save button.

3. After the default setting are saved you’ll be transferred to the product page where you can create the ProductBuildList or ISO image

Show product

4. Press the Build button to open the form for the product build task or the ISO image creating task

Show product

Enter the following information into the form:

The Virtual Machine and the build process details

1. You will operate under vagrant user account

2. The following working directories will be created by default:


3. The virtual machine has a minimal set of system packages installed, so you’ll have to install all additional programs needed for your build process. Remember that the architecture is x86_64.

4. Your script will be run (with the arguments specified) under user vagrant from directory /home/vagrant/iso_builder. For example:

cd iso_builder/; <Params for running script> /bin/bash <Main script>


5. Every build is performed within it’s own virtual machine. After the build is done the machine will be reset to its defaults.

6. In case if the maximum amount of build time (Max time for building (in minutes)) is exceeded, the build will be canceled and the virtual machine rollback will be performed. No VM data will be saved and “Product build list” will receive exit status of Build canceled.

7. The VM is connected to the Internet so you can download/upload any additional data and the final results from within your script (in case you do not want to use the default settings for those operations).

8. The zero build process exit code means success, any other exit code will be interpreted as a build error.

9. The table shows how the build result depends on build status

Condition Results are saved
The build script returned any exit code (0,1, …) +
The build was canceled by user -
The build was canceled by system (max build time exceeded) -