Integration with FileStore (.abf.yml)

.abf.yml file: what it is and how it is used

ABF uses .abf.yml file in the root of your repository to learn about your project and which extra files should be present in the project. .abf.yml can be very minimalistic.

.abf.yml contains SHA1 of extra files which have been saved on the File-Store and it is great, because we have a light git repository with code and File-Store with some BIG archives and files.

.abf.yml has very easy format, YAML format:

  "<file name 1>": <sha1 of file 1>
  "<file name 2>": <sha1 of file 2>  
  "<file name n>": <sha1 of file n>

Our ABF build services have ability to parse .abf.yml file and download all extra files from File-Store by sha1 (This uses only for build packages). When file will be downloaded it will be renamed to file name from YML file. Command for downloading looks like:

curl -L<sha1> -o <file name>


How it use?

Your git repository contains some BIG files (archives, binary files and etc.).
First of all you should upload big files into File-Store.
So, you have file names and sha1 of files.
After you should add .abf.yml file into repository. .abf.yml will look as:

  "at_3.1.12.orig.tar.gz": 1cf47df152e9d119e083c11eefaf6368c993a8af
  "gnome-control-center-2.32.1.tar.bz2": 1e5ba3117aba7f939de25dbed13e430b90968561